David Miller

The various artworks of David Miller

          Work on show in New Jersey, USA, as part of ‘Obsolescence’ at Curious Matter

New shows… Monster Show!





Monster Club Flyer front

Friday 7 November 4.30 – 8.30 pm
The Works Gallery at the Jubilee Trade Centre, Birmingham  B5 6ND
Open daily from Sat 8 November until Sunday 16 November
11.00 am – 5.00 pm Monday to Friday
2.00 pm –  5.00 pm Saturdays and 12.00 pm to 4.00 pm Sundays
Artists talk Sunday 16 November 2.00 pm

Monster Club is a visual art exhibition of Monster themed work.

The monster makers come together from Birmingham and Loughborough, London and Kolkata. They include regional, national and international artists, current students and recent graduates. The exhibition also includes the work of a diverse group of young artists aged 8 -16 from a local art club run by Friction Arts.

MONSTER CLUB is funded by A Grant for the Arts, Arts Council England and supported by Friction Arts and The Midlands Industrial Association


BABELLING Part II: Studies in the Art of Rat Catching

Babelling Poster vsml


Nap Kin

Developed and performed with Paul Newman for [STATE] of Uncertainty at The Vaults, Birmingham

Nap Kin 

nap  kin


The collective consciousness of sleep, derived from North European folk superstition.

[nap; Old English hnappian; related to Middle High German napfen meaning a short light sleep; doze]

[kin; Middle English, from Old English cyn; see gen- in Indo-European roots meaning one’s relatives, family, kinfolk]

Conspicuously invisible, I will dispense the indispensable solution, an elixir that starts with the end. A small sleep begins as I do, this is akin to kin. We are here to maintain you, to intoxicate you, to bring you sensation. 

Prosopagnosia Suite

Photograph (16" x 12")